United Hemp Products is an education-focused distributor of quality hemp flower extract products such as sublingual oil, concentrates, edibles, and other hemp-infused products.

We work with local and regional farmers, local educators, industry leaders, manufacturers, and retailers to build a market chain that will provide quality jobs for our state and region.

Our passion is driven by the opportunity to bring real growth, sustainable products, and viable, proven alternatives to pharmaceuticals into our communities.

Our Commitment to Quality

Intentional Formulation

Our formulas seek to support system balance and provide relief from daily and chronic pain, for you and your pets.


We are committed to educating about the healing benefits of cannabis, medicinal mushrooms, and other natural herbs.

Keeping it Local

We’re helping build a local supply chain that includes farmers, educators, processors, manufacturers, and retailers to provide quality jobs in our region.

The Founder

Oneal is a cannabis consultant, farmer and entrepreneur. He started United Hemp Products to provide quality information and education about hemp, cannabis, medicinal mushrooms, and other healing herbs. The website is also a platform for local businesses around the region to sell their products.

Oneal is the founder and lead formulator for @AtlasAlchemy, an eco-conscious company that makes holistic wellness products which incorporate hemp, medicinal mushrooms, and other natural healing herbs.

He is also the founder of @EasternHempCompany, which offers advisory and consulting services to farmers and business owners interested in the hemp and cannabis industries.

Throughout his diverse education and career, Oneal has remained dedicated to learning and educating others about how to live healthier lives.

"If you can retain your health, you can resume your life."

E. Oneal Latimore

Oneal and Atlas (Bartram Gardens, Philadelphia, PA)